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Globe-Law held High-Level Seminar on Wealth Inheritance and Global Asset Allocation

Presided by the Global-Law partner Dr. Yao Liying, the High-Level Seminar on Wealth Inheritance and Global Asset Allocation was held on March 29, 2017, and Mr. Pierre S. duPont made an excellent report on the seminar.

Mr. Pierre S. duPont shared the over 200 years’ wealth inheritance expreience of the family of his mother’s side and the duPont family. Mr. duPont pointed out that the Chinese family-owned corporations should focus on long-term investments, meanwhile, he also introduced his exprience in keeping , adding and inheritting wealth from the following five factors: financial liquidity, profit and capital maintenance, long-term apprecialtion, prevention of inflation and adding diversity of investment. As far as Mr. duPont concerned, one of the main factors that made wealth severely decrease was that the current design gathering of inheritance tax, litigation, divorce, family disputes and investment was lack of consideration of financial needs and exceptional situations. Mr. duPont said that it was significant for wealth inheritance to hold activities that were good for internal communication and unity of a family, attach importance to education and win support from families to start up business and invest.

There will be soon a summit of takeover of family-owned corporations in China. It has been an inevitable issue that how the family-owned coporations in Chian run a smooth takeover and how does the wealth be inheritted successfully. After the speech, Mr. duPont answered questions proposed by the participants in patience on how did the wealth be inherited, how could Chinese entrepreneurs find their values and let the society feel their spirit as an entrpreneur and their social reponsibilities, and how could family capital, financial capital, social capital and human resource combined in a positive way.

This seminar was sponsered by Liu Yu, manager of Xingxin Bridge Culture & Communication Co. Ltd. Ji Gang who is the director of operation of CBRE in North China and Gao Bo, director of operation of Beiguang He Yi Culture & Communication Co. Ltd were invited as presenter. We sincerely send our regards to our partners and all the participants of this seminar.