IP Agent

IP Agent

In order to facilitate the development of intellectual property agency business , Globe-law Law Firm invested and set up Globe-law IP Consulting, LLC , (hereinafter referred as Globe-law IP) , and Globe-law IP was originally called as Focus IP Consulting, LLC.

Globe-law IP is a legal and full-service consulting company specialized in both domestic and international intellectual property agency, and the main business area includes patent application, trademark registration, and copyright registration and the like.

The Specific Agent Scope

Patent application at home and abroad

Invalidation of patent

Licensing and Assignment of patent and patent technology

Administrative mediation and investigate of patent disputes

Application for trademark registration at home and abroad

Review of refused trademark

Declaring nullity to registered trademarks

Trademark modification, transfer and renewal

Administrative disposal in trademark infringement

Well-known trademarks and famous brand recognition

China Time-honored Brand recognition and protection

Domain Registration

Copyright registration at home and abroad (including computer software)

Copyright license

Copyright trade

Intellectual property rights trust and Training

Intellectual property rights consultant

Contact Information

9/F, Building C, Zhaotai international center , 3 Chaowai West Street, Chaoyang District, 100020, Beijing, China  
Tel:(8610) 8451-2800